Full-Stack Web Software Developer

Full Time


Coretec is a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals that work as consultants for our clients, building
their core technologies with a user-first mentality. We not only build great software, we’ve created a culture
of successful rapid development and usable experiences. Our approach is informed by over 15 years experience,
continuous improvement, and uses a combination of our own flavour of lean agile processes and user-centered design.


We’re looking for someone who’s passionate about building great software and has a deep appreciation for architecture
and design. You’re excited to read articles and learn new techniques and implementations. If you don’t understand
something you’ll reach out to your teammates and the community online for help.

You enjoy using the skills and knowledge you’ve built to not only fulfill client needs, but push the boundaries
in yourself and your code. The right tool for the job comes from your experience, from engaging with your
team and those in the community about what “right” is in the circumstances you’re in. Cutting edge tech isn’t
your only path to success; the value of makefiles aren’t lost on you.

Your day

  • Daily standup with your teammates to make sure no one is blocked or needs help
  • Meet and collaborate with clients on a regular (weekly/daily) basis
  • Derive project requirements and make decisions in an up front and ongoing basis from meetings with clients
  • Think critically and leverage your peers to take project requirements from ideas to implementation
  • You manage your work and productivity (we love remote!) but you’re considerate of your team mebers
  • Write code! Read code, talk code with your peers, read some articles, work on advancing your skills.


  • Working closely with a super motivated, highly experienced, cross discipline team of professionals
  • Friendly and relaxed work culture with a proven care for work/life balance
  • We enjoy and are masters at working remote
  • Competitive compensation package
  • Opportunities to attend industry conferences and events
  • Self improvement time, where we take time to learn new tools, techniques, work on open source, create new ideas,
    write blog posts, and try to make ourselves, our team, and our community better.

Required Skills / Experience

  • 2+ years experience as a software developer
  • Some familiarity with agile processes and team interactions
  • Experience with MVC Frameworks and concepts
  • Javascript experience with one of, or similar to, Express, Nest, React, React Native, Angular, Vue,  etc
  • Familiarity with design patterns and software architecture concepts
  • Strong familiarity with popular databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, redis, MongoDB and how they differ from
    each other is a must. You will need to make decisions based on client requirements.
  • Experience with docker or virtualized environments is a must
  • Solid understanding of REST api concepts, insight into alternatives such as SOAP, GraphQL
  • Experience with Git or SVN is required. You don’t need to be a wizard, but something like rebasing shouldn’t
    scare you and “branching strategies” shouldn’t be a foreign concept

Bonus Points (not required, but nice to know)

  • Kubernetes experience and dockerized deployment strategies
  • Continuous integration setup/maintenance
  • Linux/Unix command line utils
  • Familiarity with logging systems like prometheus, graphite, influx
  • AI, Blockchain, IoT, security experience


Do you like what you hear, want to learn more, or want to throw your hat in the ring? Let us know using the contact form below, and we’ll set up a chat!